I Am and The Montreal Apartment where published in the White Wall Review in December. You can check them out online here.


You can have a look at a piece that Ash wrote for Rob Mclennen’s blog. Find out what a typical writing day looks like for Ash.


Pre-order the forthcoming book of poetry Run Riot“This is a weird place to wake up / For someone who has woken up in some pretty strange places before.” The ninety poems of Run Riot where written during Ash Winters’ ninety day stay at a Vancouver rehab centre. As a debut book of poetry Run Riot is a fiercely personal account of what it feels like to stop drinking after a decade of excess. Run Riot takes the reader through moments of determination, anger, hilarity, and heartbreak. Winter’s frank account of early sobriety offers companionship to those who know it well and insight for those that want to know it better. Weaving the past and the present together with ruthless vulnerability Run Riot is a powerful portrait of one person’s struggle against addiction.